How you can Double Down in 2023!


Legislative & Regulatory Advocacy

Far West Agribusiness Association engages in state lobbying efforts in Oregon, Washington and Idaho.  The organization has successfully impacted decisions that have saved companies money within the industry and improved the logistical movement of crop protection products. The organization regularly publishes online  resources about chemical safety as well as updates to government regulations regarding their use.

Join Far West to celebrate the success in 2022 and learn How you can Double Down in 2023! 

PAC Auction

NEW! The PAC Auction & Casino is a new themed event this year, look for 12 blackjack tables, 2 craps table, 1 roulette and 1 Texas Hold'em to enjoy after a series of amazing sessions. Far West has partnered with the Baker Auction Company which has presented opportunities for silent auction online bidding through the app, all information will be captured two weeks prior. Stay Tuned for Details... 

Upon registering for the conference the PAC Auction & Casino night will be included in your registration, earn your chance to bid on exclusive tours and trips or win a round of roulette!

Live and Auction items will be presented throughout the website, and provided in the PAC Program with a bidder number and pre-registered through the Baker Auction app. If you would like to contact us with ideas, "donations" or suggestions for auction items please contact 

Contact to "donate" an item. 

Auction Items

Updated Items can be found here...

Live Auction

  1. FWAA membership quilt
  2. 4 Tickets to University of Washington Football Games
  3. Z-Grill Pellet Smoker
  4. Van Lith USDA Choice Beef Box
  5. Pendleton Round-Up Trip
  6. Circling Raven Golf Package
  7. Lazy Bear Ranch Pheasant Hunt
  8. San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo
  9. Garibadli Deep Sea Fishing Trip
  10. Arkansas Duck Hunting Trip
  11. Hockey Suite Package
  12. Nascar Package

Silent Auction

  1. Pendleton Blanket 
  2. 200 rounds 9mm 124gr ammo
  3. Item

Silent Auction 


The Baker Auction Team

"Would you like the enthusiasm and drive that makes a night your guest will never forget? Our Team and years of experience will not only make your event more profitable it will make guests want to come back year after year."

 - Baker Auction Team